Right. Right. Right, left, right.

If a Moleskine notebook had a blank slate on the right and ruled lines on the left, that would be the perfect metaphor for what goes on inside my head. I'm right-brained, but I know left-brain functions keep creativity in check and I can bounce back and forth as needed. An ENFP through and through, I'm a big picture thinker striving to see from many perspectives. I love to create aesthetically pleasing things that serve a purpose. With a background in philosophy and English literature, I'm a liberal arts proponent who chose marketing as a path to put my writing, creative, and critical thinking skills to good use. I've worked in non-profit, agencies, tech, and currently in-house marketing and creative leadership within an international brand. I've also served as a professor of marketing and philosophy, and, in some ways, "nutty professor" might be my true calling. You can find out more about all of that here.

My story starts with "Bonas ol' St. Bonas," my alma mater, St. Bonaventure University. It has been a constant presence, and one of the biggest influences, in my life... pretty much since birth (yeah, really).

My professional story starts when I was accepted into an English Literature grad school program, only to change course and pursue a masters degree and career in integrated marketing communication.

My professional story continues in several industries—from the arts, to agencies, to technology, and currently in marketing and creative within the top home goods brand in the world, Ashley.

My personal story is currently in the chapter of raising a seven-year-old who loves Nirvana, the Titanic, collecting sneakers, Bonnies basketball, and his four-legged Boston Terrier brother, Romeo.